Balance in EVERYDAY life.

Creativity, teamwork and showcasing talent are the main reasons,among others, that a college conducts various fests throughout the year. After experiencing these fest first hand I can safely say that it’s all bullshit. Fests are just an excuse for nearly everyone in college to neglect their education, responsibilities, hardwork and every other part of their strenuous daily life and just have fun. Four days before our very own drug fueled, alcohol powered college fest, my good friend Adam and I stayed back in college, after our lectures were complete, to help out with preparations for our fest. We worked very hard by smoking weed and staring at others work themselves to the bone. When our “work” there was done we decided to head back to our place at around 7pm. We walked on the service lane along a highway that our college was situated on. We smoked a cute little joint to celebrate the hardwork we had put in all day. After about 15 minutes Adam received a notification from the cab company saying that our cab was confirmed and it was 20 minutes away. It shouldn’t take 20 minutes for a cab to arrive , I could build a fucking car in 20 minutes, but we had no other option . So we bought a bunch of smokes and waited . Just before we lit up our cigarettes we saw a bridge that connected one side of the highway to the other. It provided safe passage to pedestrians who wished to cross the traffic riddled six lane highway. We ran up the bridge, sat down right in the middle sticking our legs out through the railing and proceeded to finish our smoke. We sat there 20 feet above hurtling vehicles stoned out of our minds.

We had seen the very same highway everyday during our daily commute to college. Somehow something about the usually annoying traffic and road was different this time. A gentle breeze swept our worries of daily life away. All routine tensions left our bodies with the smoke that left our lungs. We found peace among the hustle and bustle of the noisy traffic. There was a sense of calm created by the sheer amount of chaos going on 20 feet below. The newfound serenity was abruptly disrupted by a call from the cab driver who had arrived. We left reluctantly hoping to experience the unusually blissful affair again the next day. On the subsequent evening we went completely prepared. We finished our work in college by 7pm, went to the liquor store nearby bought a two beers and some smokes and put them in our bags. We smoked a nice fat joint, as we made our way to the bridge. We sat down in the same spot as the previous the day, cracked open our beers, lit our cigarettes and that was it. We lost ourselves in the blinding traffic lights and the roaring engines of vehicles that sped by beneath us .

That moment in itself was perfect. Cold beers washed our throats that were sore from all the yelling . A gentle cool breeze kissed our skin, calming us. However, nothing is ever perfect . There’s always a balance that has to be maintained. Two men in khaki uniforms arrived, blinding us with their flashlights. I’d like to think they had come to bring about this so called balance . They were cops. They yanked us, onto our feet, by our collars. The led us to the police bike they had arrived on. We wanted to panic but we were too high to do so. They gave us an earful and were going on about how irresponsible we were . All this went in one ear and out the ear. Our pot stricken brains weren’t capable of retaining or comprehending what the cops were saying . Our minds were shocked into normalcy, when the cops began describing the consequences of our actions. They said we were being charged for drinking in a public place, smoking in a public place, drinking on a national highway and underage drinking . The cop said we were free to go if we both paid a 5200 rupees fine each. Or we should accompany them to a station and a case would be filed and we’d have to appear in court the next day. Terror slowly swept over us and we began nagging the cops . We explained how we were broke college students who couldn’t come up with so much money because we couldn’t explain this to our parents.

Fed up with us , he made a call and within 15 mins a police jeep appeared about 50 metres ahead. They said we didn’t have any option and we were to go with them to the police station . Frightened and helpless we walked behind the two cops towards the jeep. To add to the situation, out of the blue, I remembered that there was 10 joints worth of weed in right pocket of my jeans, a rolling paper booklet along with my phone in the left pocket and a cigarette box with 4 glorious doobies in my backpack . I managed to throw the booklet into the bushes along the road as I removed the phone. I then proceeded to place my phone in my bag just I could remove the cigarette box and throw it too. I managed to do so just before one of the cops turned around . We reached the jeep before I could safely reach into my right pocket. I sat in the jeep, next to a terror stricken Adam. We continued our nagging till we reached the station. The jeep was parked in front of the police station and a cop opened the door and brought us both out. We entered the station and the cop that was escorting us began looking for his superior officer . I begged him to have one last word with us in private before he made any move. He took us both outside and said if each of us gave him 3000 rupees he would let us go. There was a hurricane of feelings and emotions going through our minds. I was standing there in a police station with drugs in my pocket being bribed by a cop for drinking on a national highway. I told the cop we’d pay him and after several calls and a trip to the ATM we gave him our savings and allowance for the next month . He dropped us back where he picked us from. The jeep left and so did our irresponsibility, narrow mindedness and our childish stupidity . Our parents sent us to college so we could build a future for ourselves and lead a good honest respectful life. Here we were in the middle of the road traumatized from our disrespectful and arrogant behaviour . We decided at that very moment that henceforth we were gonna be respectful of our parents and their money and not be so fucking stupid again. So we spent the next 30 minutes searching through the bushes for the cigarette box with the joints and the booklet that I threw away so carelessly . We found them and we were proud of ourselves for not letting our parents hard earned money go to waste . We walked to the traffic signal to catch a bus home. We smoked a doobie on the way to the traffic signal because we were so worked up . The so called balance I spoke of was restored and rightly so.

wanted WEED got glass – Part 2

The silent night was filled with gulping sounds of the sweet poison flowing down my throat. As the bottle was nearly empty Will grabbed it from my hand in an attempt to have the last sip. I sat there and watched him try and shake out the very last of the alcohol from the bottle. As the last few drops fell into his mouth I had begun to realize what I had just done. A skinny 18 year old kid who weighed a mere 50 kilos, after devouring several beers among a mix of cocktails of rum and whiskey as well over the course of the night, had just downed half a fucking litre of vodka. As I slowly understood what I had just done, I embraced the fact that I was probably going to be dead by the break of dawn. The alcohol began to kick in . Fifteen minutes later I was on the verge of passing out . I began running around my terrace in an attempt to stay awake. While I was in the midst of my drunken workout at 3 am Will yelled at me for finishing the last of the alcohol. He asked me to go inside and steal some from my dad’s collection. I didn’t think, I didn’t ask I just turned and continued running towards the door that lead to the main hall to get some more booze for Will.

As I reached the door I made a little jump through the doorway and landed on the other side in the main hall of my house. My feet touched the floor and almost instantly loud shattering sounds followed and there was glass everywhere. I turned around to take a look at the doorway I had just run through to try and understand what had just happened. Will came running with a worried look on his face and Linda followed . I turned and looked into the hall and saw my mother with a horrified look in her eyes. I looked down at the floor. There was blood dripping from my arms . I was standing in a pool of blood. There were shards of glass stuck in my arm. I had just run through a fucking glass door that was about an inch thick. I was so drunk I felt absolutely no pain. Will stepped into the hall put my arm around his shoulder and assisted me to my room. The door was locked because Dave and his woman were in the bathroom , Bill and his woman were in my room. Will pounded on the door and conveyed that I was injured badly and asked them to open the door immediately . Fucking Bill walked up to the other side of the door and uttered some of the most insane words anybody in that situation possibly could. He said ” Bruv, 5 more minutes please I’m almost done.” There I was standing in a pool of blood, bleeding from my arm, my knee, my shin, my ankle and God knows where else and motherfucking Bill who probably doesn’t last more than 30 seconds in bed was asking for 5 more minutes. Will began yelling. As the two began arguing I turned around and noticed the trail of blood I had left behind that lead all the way up to the terrace door where my mum and Linda were sitting and cleaning up the glass that was strewn everywhere to prevent any further injuries to anyone else.

Bill finally gave up and opened the door. Dave and his lady came out of the restroom hearing all this commotion. I sat down on my bed with a smile because I was amused by the sheer insanity of everything happening. Dave sat in corner with his girlfriend and began crying . He held himself responsible for my injury because he had not been with me. As Will approached me, I expected him to have some first aid. He returned to my aid with a tube of toothpaste instead. He put some toothpaste in my mouth and placed the tube back in my bathroom . Will was way ahead of everybody . I’d rather have died from excessive blood loss than die at the hands of my mother for underage drinking and no one knew that better than Will. My mum entered with the first aid kit. Will was the smartest person in the history of mankind. He had completed 5 different degrees in 5 different kinds of stupidity. Linda and my mother cleaned the wounds on my hand while Will decided to treat the wound on my shin. He placed a Spiderman band aid that was an inch long on a wound that ended up requiring 15 stitches from 3 different directions . They cleaned my wounds and barely stopped the bleeding . Bill had never seen so much blood in his life. He saw blood on my arms and legs and fainted almost instantly . I didn’t want to go to the doctor because I was still very very drunk. We decided to wait it out till the morning. At around 8 am Will took me to the hospital . We were about to enter the hospital but we stopped ourselves. We turned around and crossed the road . We went to a tea stall opposite to the hospital entrance smoked a cigarette each then went into the hospital. I came out with nearly 35 stitches that day. Two years to this day and I still haven’t had vodka again . I don’t think I ever will again. I hold my drug dealer responsible for everything that happened.

wanted WEED got glass – Part 1

18. A milestone in any child’s life. Legally 18 year olds cannot be given a curfew. They can sign contracts, vote, buy property, purchase cars or firearms among several other things. It’s amusing to say the least how so much liberty and freedom disappear when your creators are constantly shoving in your face the fact that they gave birth to you and put a roof over your head. Regardless I just wanted to celebrate my 18th birthday like any other basic bitch and get wasted as fuck. So a plan was made , to meet at a popular bar in town celebrate my coming of age by drinking till we could stand no more. So at around 7:30 pm my best bud, let’s just call him Will, shows up at my place with a nice little doobie as a birthday gift. After becoming one with the universe we booked a cab to the bar . We used a taxi to travel because we were responsible teenagers, who always ensured that we drank till we were unconscious. As we left my house my father informed me that he was leaving town for an urgent meeting the next morning . He told me to be responsible and not do anything stupid . So, me being the model child I am paid no attention to his request. I exceeded his expectations and went and did something absolutely bat shit crazy instead.

Will and I reached the bar where we were supposed to meet the boys, Dave, James and Bill. Dave and fucking Bill had the audacity to bring there girlfriends to a boys night . However one of their girls got a pretty friend who was single , Linda , so I let them be . Without further delay we got wasted . I suggested we go back to my place and continue intoxicating ourselves till dawn because my dad was out of town and my mum was easy to persuade when it comes to these things. Everyone was elated. Me more than others because even Linda agreed to come. We cleared the bill and booked taxis to leave immediately. While we waited for the taxis I asked Will to make a call to our friendly neighborhood drug dealer so I could have a really really happy birthday. The night couldn’t possibly be complete without pot. It just wouldn’t be possible . We got in the taxis and were on our way to my humble abode. Half way there we received news so horrible the eight of us were shook to our very core . News of such a terrible nature had never been heard by any of us before. Our drug dealer was out of town and we wouldn’t be getting high that night. I refused to be depressed not on my birthday. So we stopped at a liquor store that was en route. Will and I rushed inside bought the required materials and got in the taxi . We had bought enough alcohol to kill 3 fucking elephants with alcohol poisoning. We reached my house and tiptoed into my room so as to not wake my mum. We locked my door and Will removed all the bottles from his backpack onto my bed. Instantly everyone’s face lit up like it was Christmas morning.

We turned down the lights, opened up some of the bottles, put on some music and danced like there was no tomorrow. Fifteen minutes in Dave and his girlfriend disappeared into the bathroom to get some “privacy”. I was too drunk to give a fuck. I was just happy that atleast somebody was getting some action . Another 20 minutes passed in a blur of alcohol, music and dance. When we thought we were almost out of booze Will unveiled the most dangerous bottle of alcohol I’d ever known. Triple distilled vanilla flavoured vodka. It’s not the alcohol percentage in it that’s threatening , it’s the taste. Smooth on the throat and sweet like nectar. I hate that fucking bottle. As I proceeded to open the bottle, fucking Bill and his lady kicked the rest of us out because they too wanted to “show their love for each other”. If there’s one thing that makes me gag more than alcohol, it’s fucking PDA. So we took the bottle and left and Bill locked the room . We occupied a cosy little corner in my terrace, lit a few cigarettes, put on some music and enjoyed some wonderful vibes under the stars. The bottle was being passed around , a little more than half was still left in it. Linda then suddenly out of the blue began taunting me. She said that I had poor capacity and that it was my birthday so I was supposed to be the most drunk which was the most obnoxious logic ever but I didn’t blame her, she was a commerce student. So as to not seem like a pussy infront of the pretty girl I decided to chug the vodka until she told me to stop. Just as our eyes met, the nozzle met my lips. With our sights locked I began gulping the vodka. I ensured that I didn’t break eye contact with her the entire time to make the whole thing as dramatic as can be. Little did I know breaking eye contact and putting down the bottle would have been way better than what I ended up breaking later that night. I should have put the fucking bottle down.

The SMOKE without a fire

They say there can never be smoke without a fire . The same can be said when it comes to drugs. Whether you snort it smoke it eat it or make a cute little package out of it and shove it up where the sun don’t shine the result is said to be the same : addiction. Nearly 20 years on this planet and I haven’t done any coke,heroin,meth or any other hard drugs for that matter. I’ve been a good boy and stuck to getting drunk as fuck and running through glass doors , making out with strangers and getting nearly arrested. Over the past few years I’ve learnt that you can indulge in intoxication of a different kind, one that doesn’t involve putting your brain in a blender, marijuana.

I smoked weed for the first time in 9th grade . Not proud of it but it happened . I’d suggest you try weed, but not in the 9th grade . There’s a time and place for everything, even marijuana addiction and alcoholism it’s called college . The first time I got high was at a friend’s place during a sleepover . I went to his place with the expectation of gaming watching crappy horror movies eating chips and going to bed. The dudes I hung out with outside of school were older than me they decided that sober sleepovers were for pussies and suggested that we get high . Me being the most easily influencable dumbfuck to have ever roamed the earth agreed because I wanted to be “cool”.

The clock struck twelve, his parents had fallen asleep we locked the door and initiated our efforts to achieve bliss. My friend sat at his study table with his study light focused on a piece of paper with some dry green stuff on it . My teenage football player of a friend suddenly transformed into a mad scientist. He cleaned and crushed everything carefully all the while explaining the significance of each action . The attentiveness with which I was listening to him explain; if I had only paid such attention to my ex. Like a magician he turned a rolling paper and weed into a joint. We went into his balcony made ourselves comfortable and lit up. The joint reached my hand which was trembling at the prospect of doing any drug that wasn’t dolo. I took a puff with the expectation of my reality being altered in it’s entirety the second the smoke reached my lungs. Two, three, four drags and still nothing . Apart from my throat getting fucked nothing in my body seemed different . The world was just as shitty as it was 10 mins ago . I passed the joint and it made it’s round and by the time it came back to my hand I had declared weed to be some pussy ass shit which was just fucking overated . This time I took the joint put it between my lips and took a drag so big my lungs fucking exploded . I started coughing so maniacally, I instantly regretted every decision I made I regretted being alive. I went into the bathroom scared I might puke from all the furious coughing . Five minutes later the coughing had stopped, I came out of the restroom and nestled myself in a corner and closed my eyes with the hopes of not dying . I opened my eyes but they felt heavy . I looked at myself in the mirror. There I was grinning uncontrollably. I asked my friend what was happening and if what I was experiencing was normal . He said in the most satisfied,reassuring and accustomed tone ever, ” Bruv, you’re high “. The very instant my intoxicated mind processed this fact I was overcome by a sense of peace and euphoria. Everything suddenly felt so unnaturally calm and the world didn’t seem to have anything wrong about it . At that point in time, at that very moment the universe was absolutely perfect .

Alcohol could never make you feel that way. There’s always someone crying, having sex with someone they don’t want to or some other stupid shit . Life was complete . I could have died in peace then and there. Pot is like the most controlled way to lose yourself. No chaos, no drama, no bullshit . Like smoke without a fire.

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